Notes on Election Fraud

Tidbits on election fraud.

Jeff O' Donnell: "Because of the law of large numbers, we should see the results of those almost [Mesa, Arizona] 20,000 ballots, and then the result of the over 50,000 ballots actually be within only a few percentage points difference of each other. And by a few, I'm saying perhaps three, perhaps four. The fact that they are 16% off is a total violation of the law of large numbers and a total indication that there was manipulation."

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Marjorie Taylor Greene: "You pay the people that get paid to run the elections. So how dare they tell you that you can't care about election integrity? How dare they tell you that you cannot have an audit? How dare they cancel you off of your social media account because you say that you want audits, you think the election was stolen you say, 'Trump won.' How dare they do that?"

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Retired Col. Shawn Smith:  '[The] Enemy [Is] Inside the Wire': 

"Anyone telling you these systems are secure either has no idea what they're saying, or they're lying."

"The so-called election experts don't know a damn thing about cyber."

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Cybersecurity Expert Clay Parikh: "And I've testified in federal court already, and I'll be testifying again. And I'm just stating that as a person who's seen the inside, who's scanned them, who's tested them — I'm telling you, your home PC is probably a lot more secure than these electronic voting systems."

Col. Ret. John Mills: All Networks and Components Are Vulnerable — Except Election Machines? 

"We have a situation here where everything else is getting broken into, except for election machines. And we don't know how because we're not allowed to look at the software. We're not allowed to look at the operating system. We're not allowed to look at the supply chain. We're not allowed to break down the machines and bench test them..."

Dr. Douglas G. Frank: Can't Do Paper Ballots? "All of Europe Does It In a Single Day"

"They have a single day; they make it a national holiday. They have paper poll books. They have paper ballots, hand counting, and they report the results that night. So yes, of course, we can! There's no reason we can't."

[Re:  Data showing conservative counties shrank in size] Dr. Frank:  'That's Obviously Not Real': Why Would Conservative Counties Shrink in Population All of a Sudden?

Dr. Douglas G. Frank: "You mean to tell me that your population's decreased by 25% in those towns?"

Dr. Douglas G. Frank: "The real criminals are the ones who set up the software that allows you to print the ballots for the people that didn't vote. And then you fill them out, and then you give them to those NGOs to distribute to the ballot boxes. That's the real fraud. This is the symptom of the fraud. The real fraud took place where? In the machines."

County Election Clerks:  "It's Illegal for Us to Have Machines Connected to the Internet!"

Dr. Douglas G. Frank: "So Why Don't You Let Us Check?...I've got this little sensor. 'Let's just have you turn on your machine, and I'll stand right here and tell you whether it's online or not.' Not a single clerk in the country will let me near their machines..."

Dr. Douglas G. Frank: ( "The Truth Is Annoying.  You have to be that annoying [truthful] person. You have to be the one who constantly giving FOIAs [Freedom of Information Act requests] to your county election systems. You have to be that annoying person that brings it up at dinner time ... [Change is] not happening because Smarty Pants is coming in there; it's happening because you are being annoying."

The law in Georgia is: 'No Image, No Vote'.  Why Do Thousands of Certified Fulton County Votes Have No Ballot Image? There has to be a ballot image in order to create a cast vote record and to tabulate it, but Fulton County, Georgia certified 17,724 votes with no image, of which 13,303 went to Biden and 4,279 went to Trump.

Garland Favorito: ( "Now remember, the margin of victory was 11,779. And this is [a] 9,000 net advantage for Biden right there just on this one [incident]."

Clint Curtis on Flipping Votes: Our Elections 'Went Haywire' After 2004

Clint Curtis: "I said, 'Here you go, and here's a list of what you have to do to make sure you don't get taken advantage of by machines.' and the owner of the company said, 'This isn't really for stopping voter fraud; this is for flipping votes.' But I didn't think the voting machine company would be able to use their machines. Because who's going to be stupid enough to use a machine where you don't see the source code, and [the completely opaque machine is] going to tell you who won? But then in 2004, the election went haywire, and everything was 51/49, 51/49."

"I notified everybody and told them what was going on and figured they would be able to grab onto this, and everybody, Democrats and Republicans alike, would rally around it and throw these machines in the ocean. It's been 20 years, guys — and they've done nothing."

Cybersecurity Expert Clay Parikh: "And I've testified in federal court already, and I'll be testifying again. And I'm just stating that as a person who's seen the inside, who's scanned them, who's tested them — I'm telling you, your home PC is probably a lot more secure than these electronic voting systems."






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Texas AG Rules CVRs Are Public Information

🧨🧨🧨 ATTENTION TEXAS! 🧨🧨🧨 The Attorney General has just issued official AG Opinion KP-0411 designating anonymous ballot information as public information! In other words, you have the right to CVRs (Cast Vote Records) and to inspect physical ballots NOW. Since the federal 22-month retention period for the Nov. 3, 2020 election expires on Sept. 3rd, GET YOUR COUNTY's CVR TODAY. Send them this ruling, since official AG opinions have the force of law until the legislature says otherwise.

18 Aug 2022

Rise of the America First Republicans

America First candidate Harriet Hageman defeated incumbent Deep State candidate, Liz Cheney, in Wyoming At-Large Primary. By a whopping 37 points.

The left-wing MSM are in full cope mode, mourning the loss, fawning over Cheney as if she were some legendary war hero. Joe Scarborough compared her to Ulysses Grant in the Civil War. They are even suggesting that this loss will lead to her 2024 Presidential Campaign to unseat Trump… when she just lost her own State primary by 37 points to a Trump-endorsed candidate. Cheney compared her loss to President Lincoln's loss in his Senate and House races.

Now, much like the AZ Gubernatorial Primary, the Wyoming At-Large Primary was much more than an individual win. These successive wins in convincing fashion are a representation of the political climate heading into November. The establishment GOP are being cleansed, and the Wyoming GOP has now become the America First Party. As Trump put it, “The People have spoken!”.

Not only are these massive wins for MAGA and Trump, the manner in which they have unfolded confirms the America First agenda. Which is primarily that 2020 was stolen, Biden is illegitimate, and the Deep State are engaged in mass coordinated voter fraud.

These primary elections MATHEMATICALLY CONFIRM mail-in voting is being manipulated, and the manipulation only goes one way. How do we know? The trend of mathematically inexplicable variance between mail-in and in-person voters. Kari Lake was down 10+ points from the early vote, and ended up winning by 2.8 points. Harriet Hageman was up 10 points early, and the margin widened to nearly 40 points. These trends show the early vote is leaning in favor of the establishment candidates, but the in-person voters are HEAVILY in favor of America First candidates.

What scientific explanation can there be for there being such a wide variance between the mail-in and in-person vote? In a General Election, DNC voters are more likely to be afraid to vote in-person, so the variance could plausibly be much higher between DNC and GOP, due to the political ideology between the two bases. But in Primary Elections, the absolute highest variance between mail-in and in-person should be around 3%.

The fact that the discrepancies are so significantly outside the expected mathematical norms and repeatedly skewed to the detriment of Trump-backed candidates, it CONFIRMS the mail-in vote is being manipulated, specifically by enemies of Trump, i.e. the Deep State.

Despite the mathematical certainty of voter fraud in favor of the Deep State, America First are STILL dominating, and GOP total turnout has dwarfed the DNC, indicating that the General Elections will see a massive Red Wave. This has the Left terrified, as the American People have sided with Trump, once again.

17 Aug 2022









Wisconsin Supreme Court Says Drop Boxes Are Illegal



Wisconsin Supreme Court:




Wisconsin election Administrator Wolfe:



Wisconsin Legislator:



Wisconsin Election Vulnerabilities:

The drop boxes and mail-in voting vulnerabilities can be used to harvest hundreds of thousands of votes, and Biden "won" Wisconsin by about 20,000 votes.




Components Of A Secure Election


The election process requires a voter registration system, a pollbook, a voting system and tabulation/reporting of the results.  The US election system is very non-transparent and is subject to manipulation and fraud at every level.  Some states have people on the voter registration rolls that are 150 years old.  Many problems exist, just with voter registration and the pollbooks.


In the graphic below you can can steps in the voting process.  Each of these steps has documented problems leading to voter fraud, and the graphic does not even include the problems with voter dropboxes that were so massively abused during the last election.  In many cases, the problems are very big (hundreds of thousands/millions of votes statewide) and subject to non-transparent manipulation by the local and state officials.  It appears the voting machine software is written to keep two sets of books.  One is for public consumption to show only what the designers wish to be viewed and it is essentially not auditable.  The second set of books can be manipulated by the software and even by remote sites logging/hacking in to the voting machines.  In Ohio the local machines are dirt simple and do not appear to be that susceptible to manipulation except at the state level during the tabulation and aggregation processes where the processes are completely opaque, are connected to the internet, are not auditable and are firewalled against any citizen access or any accountability to any governing authority including the Attorney General and the legislature.  In 2020 election the process was so bad that there were more total votes cast than there are registered voters.  No computer voting system is ever likely to be safe from manipulation, because the process is inherently non-transparent.  A simple paper voting process with votes publicly counted at the precinct level and subject to audit and recount for a very minimal fee is easy to create.  Taiwan has a system where the votes are counted at the precinct hall in public.  The counter holds up the ballot and calls out the vote.  The vote called by the counter is subject to challenge by anyone present.  There is no reason we could not clean up our voter rolls and have paper ballots that are publicly counted at the precinct level.  Such a system is MUCH, MUCH less subject to fraud than the current opaque and fraudulent voting system that is stripping away our constitutional rights and our republic, as the last "election" clearly showed.   





Greenville County SC Resolution to Reject the Certified Results of 2020 Election

















Washington State Election Officials Concerned That Local Citizens Are Monitoring Drop Boxes

As midterm voting kicks into high gear, Republican activists in Washington are organizing surveillance of ballot drop boxes, generating complaints and concern from some elections officials.

Over the weekend, signs were posted near ballot boxes in several Seattle-area locations, with red letters warning the boxes are “Under Surveillance” and stating that accepting money “for harvesting or depositing ballots” may violate federal law.

A scannable code on the signs pointed to a section of the King County Republican Party website with a form encouraging people to submit “election incident” reports, including photos and video.

Meanwhile, a group calling itself “WA Citizens United to Secure Ballot Boxes” is promoting drop-box surveillance statewide, encouraging people to sign up to watch ballot boxes and record video of people “dumping an in ordinate [sic] amount of ballots” and “taking pictures of themselves doing it,” according to the organization’s “Drop Box Watch” website.

The signs in King County were spotted near at least two ballot boxes in Seattle on Sunday, at the Lake City and Broadview branches of the Seattle Public Library.

King County Elections spokesperson Halei Watkins said the office received several reports about the signs popping up over the weekend near Eastside ballot boxes, including in Issaquah and Redmond.


While it is legal for people to observe the county’s 76 ballot boxes, which are located on public property, the message on the signs has raised concerns about possible intimidation. Watkins said King County Elections has notified the County Prosecutor’s Office “to check on the legality” of the effort.

“Certainly the signs out at the drop boxes are a little bit worrying,” Watkins said.

Thurston County Auditor Mary Hall, a Democrat, said she’d been alerted to the statewide surveillance effort and doesn’t understand what the people running it expect to prove. “I’d characterize it as voter intimidation,” she said.

Unlike some other states that limit the practice, Washington law allows people to drop off legal mail-in ballots for other voters with no restrictions.

Family members often drop off ballots for one another, Hall said, but it’s also legal for groups to hold “ballot parties” and collect a bunch of votes to turn in together. The ballot signatures are all checked before being counted to ensure the votes are legal, she noted.

Mathew Patrick Thomas, chair of the King County Republican Party, said in an interview Monday morning he had not been aware local GOP volunteers were placing the signs near ballot boxes until he got a call over the weekend from King County Elections Director Julie Wise.

Brevard County, FL Joins Texas In Repudiating the 2020 Election

FYI Seth: 1st FL county to join TX, Maricopa and Langlade is Brevard … one of your top 100!


Rick Lacey, Chairman
Brevard County Republican Executive Committee
551 S. Apollo Blvd., Suite 104
Melbourne, FL 32901

July 13, 2022

Brevard County, Florida elected officials:

The Honorable Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida;

The Honorable Cord Byrd, Secretary of State;

The Honorable Wilton Simpson, President of the Senate;

The Honorable Chris Sprowls, Speaker of the House;

The Honorable Joe Gruters, Senator, Chairman RPOF;

The Honorable Debbie Mayfield, Senator; Dist 17

The Honorable Tom Wright, Senator; Dist 14

The Honorable Rene Plasencia, Representative; Dist 50

The Honorable Tyler I. Sirois, Representative; Dist 51

The Honorable Thad Altman, Representative; Dist 52

The Honorable Randy Fine, Representative; Dist 53

The Honorable Lori Scott, Brevard County Supervisor of Elections;

Our United States elected Officials:

The Honorable Marco Rubio, Senator;

The Honorable Rick Scott, Senator;

The Honorable Bill Posey, Representative;

cc: All Members, The Florida Senate
All Members, The Florida House of Representatives
45th President of the United States, Donald John Trump

Dear Sirs and Madams,

The Republican Party of Brevard County Florida is proud to be the first in Florida to support the Texas Republican Party, the Arizona Maricopa County Republican Executive Committee (REC), and the Wisconsin Langlade County REC by passing this Election Integrity Resolution. Large-scale election fraud in other states, while choosing electors, has resulted in Brevard County Florida voters being disenfranchised in the political election process by having their votes stolen.

We support the good work of Florida Governor DeSantis and the State Legislature in passing Florida SB 90 and SB 524 Election Integrity bills. We strongly urge Brevard Republicans to volunteer as poll watchers and work to ensure the highest level of election integrity. Make sure all your Republican friends, family and neighbors vote in the Primary Election on August 23rd 2022 and in the General Election on November 8th 2022 to ensure that Republicans overwhelm any possible election fraud in Brevard County and elsewhere in Florida.

Texas Republican State GOP Resolution passed on June 18, 2022 and adopted within this Brevard Resolution:

We believe that the 2020 election violated Article 1 and 2 of the US Constitution, that various secretaries of state illegally circumvented their state legislatures in conducting their elections in multiple ways, including by allowing ballots to be received after November 3, 2020.

We believe that substantial election fraud in key metropolitan areas significantly affected the results in five key states in favor of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

We reject the certified results of the 2020 Presidential election, and we hold that acting President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was not legitimately elected by the people of the United States.

We strongly urge all Republicans to work to ensure election integrity and to show up to vote in November of 2022, bring your friends and family, volunteer for your local Republicans, and overwhelm any possible fraud.

This resolution was presented and recommended to be passed by the Brevard County Executive Board on the 12th day of July, 2022 and was presented and adopted by the Brevard County Republican Executive Committee at its meeting on the 13th day of July, 2022

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