2000 Mules - Can It Be Debunked?

JUNE 2, 2022



Although the White House is not willing to talk about the 2020 election and the numerous accusations surrounding the Democrats helping rig the results in Biden’s favor, the new film “2000 Mules” didn’t just accuse the Biden administration of stealing an election, it used cell phone data to show how it was done. Since the results were announced, former President Donald Trump has been adamant that the election was taken away from him and the American people.

While conservatives and Republicans who share this belief are often labeled conspiracy theorists, 2000 Mules debunked that accusation. And while the film has constantly been scrutinized and mocked by the mainstream media, it should be noted that the documentary helped solve a shooting using the same data. 

Discussing the criticism the film has received, filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, as can be seen in the video below, admitted that not a single outlet has approached him to discuss the claims. D’Souza used Fox News as an example. He said, “So their idea seems to be not to have the conversation, but to prevent it and to do so by appealing to what are clearly these left wing fact checks on the movie fact checks that are themselves highly dubious. And so talk for a moment, if you will about why you just sort of  how they try to block you from getting to this topic and talk about the importance if you will above the movie.”

Welcoming Congressman Mo Brooks to his podcast, the Representative noted, “Well, 2000 Mules brings up a lot of troubling aspects about this last election. Let me go back to the commissioner of federal election reform for a moment, they said that the number one concern with our election system is the mailing out of ballots, because that is where there are weaknesses in the chain of custody with those ballots. We’re never really sure that the registered voter who’s supposed to vote a ballot was the person who has voted that ballot.”

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As for the critics attacking the film and the evidence presented, the Republican saw it as nothing more than a targeted strategy. “When you have these mass mail outs of ballots, you don’t have that chain of custody, you don’t have that evidentiary trail and you don’t know. And so when these fact checkers ramble on with their propaganda about 2000 Mules being debunked, in a court of law, they’re debunking would not stand any kind of credibility whatsoever. The proper way to either debunk or confirm what 2000 Mules says is real simple, we need to have investigative agencies around the United States of America, in particular district attorneys and Attorney General’s looking at the data, the information, the facts, the evidence surrounding what is engaged or exposed in 2000 Mules. And then get to the bottom of whether a particular person committed a particular crime on a particular occasion.”





































































‘Our Elections Were Stolen’: AZ Sen. Rogers Says Ahead of Election Integrity Watchdog Group Presenting Info on Ballot Harvesting


Ahead of an election integrity watchdog group (True the Vote) presentation over ballot harvesting with Arizona lawmakers, State Senator Wendy Rogers declared “our elections were stolen”.

True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips revealed their findings and data in April  during an interview on “The Charlie Kirk Show”, showing several people stuffing ballot boxes in swing states during the 2020 election.

Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza released a political documentary called 2000 Mules, which purports having evidence of massive voter fraud in the 2020 election in the form of digital device location tracking data. D’Souza teamed up with True The Vote.

After the 2020 presidential election, True The Vote said it purchased a trove of geolocation data obtained from electronic devices. Marketers often use that kind of data for targeted advertising, and privacy advocates have raised alarms about just how much information companies are collecting and selling, NPR reported.

True The Vote also said it used the data to track the movements of people in key swing states around the time of the 2020 election. D’Souza, Engelbrecht and Phillips claim this location-tracking data show thousands of people making suspiciously large numbers of stops at mail-in vote drop boxes in the 2020 election. They allege those individuals, the “mules”, were making multiple stops because they were actually stuffing the drop boxes with stacks of completed ballots – a practice that critics call “ballot harvesting.”

The film also features video surveillance footage of some ballot drop boxes where delivery "mules" dropped ballots they collected from Democratic offices.

Donald J Trump - Our Legal System Is Corrupt

Investigators Discovered Multinational Player and Federal Agencies Involved in Operation – A “Multinational Deal Involving Billions of Dollars

By Jim Hoft
Published May 28, 2022,

Gateway Pundit

Earlier this month Dinesh D’Souza and Salem Media released the much-anticipated movie “2000 Mules” on the 2020 presidential election heist. The movie revealed how thousands of ballot traffickers working in all of the battleground states stuffed hundreds of thousands of ballots into the ballot drop boxes in order to steal the presidential election for Joe Biden.

“2000 Mules” revealed the extraordinary work by True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and business owner and election intelligence expert Gregg Phillips.

Catherine Engelbrecht is the founder of True the Vote, an election integrity project launched in 2009.  Gregg Phillips has been in conservative politics for 40 years, working with committees, parties, campaigns, and election intelligence operations. He has built political apps including GROUND, ARC, and IV3. Gregg was also a founder and Managing Partner of the pro-Gingrich SuperPac, Winning Our Future, and election intelligence company, OPSEC Group. Gregg is currently working with Catherine Engelbrecht from True the Vote in their historic investigation of Democrat ballot trafficking in the 2020 election.

Catherine and Gregg told The Gateway Pundit that they discovered that 7% of mail-in ballots were trafficked during the 2020 election.   The investigators told us their evidence will be released following the movie launch next month.


Patel Patriot with Gregg Phillips

Gregg Phillips joined Patel Patriot on the Power Hour on Saturday.

During the discussion Gregg dropped this bomb — According to Gregg, True the Vote team has uncovered a multinational player involving federal agencies that will be so explosive that, according to Gregg, “It’s going to make everybody forget everything about the mules, and it’s going to bring into question everything we think we know about these elections.”

Considering the “2000 Mules” film already offers definitive proof of Democrat election fraud and a stolen presidential election, this is a very explosive statement by Gregg Phillips.

And for the record, The Gateway Pundit spoke with True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht.  Catherine mentioned this very serious situation they uncovered during their investigation that is larger than “2000 Mules.”

What are we looking at here?

Brian Lupo at CannCon first shared this video clip earlier today.

Gregg Phillips: We have a few issues coming up that are more explosive than the (2000) Mules, that are more likely to divide this country even further. Catherine and I spend a lot of time every single day really not just praying through it, but thinking through, how do we actually do this? Because once these come out, there’s one in particular. It’s a multinational deal. It involves billions of dollars.

There is irrefutable evidence. We’ve been involved in a major counterintelligence operation that’s very mature in this country, involving federal agencies and us. And there’s been some betrayals along the way. There have been some issues along the way. But once we get to the point where this is ready to go, it’s going to make everybody forget everything about the mules, and it’s going to bring into question everything we think we know about these elections. Everything. I can say that with 100% certainty.





C19, Putin US Bio-Labs in the Ukraine and Election Fraud

[Forwarded from BioClandestine (BioClandestine) 5/9/2022]
Now that we’ve all seen 2000 Mules from the ground level, let’s look at it from 40,000 feet. Let’s discuss how this piece fits into the overall election fraud puzzle, and how it is directly associated with C19 and Putin attacking the 30+ US biolabs in Ukraine.

What made this method of voter fraud possible? MAIL-IN VOTING! The mail-in voting fraud was made possible because of media generated fear over C19. We all remember the Dems foaming at the mouth over President Trump’s pushback on mail-in voting. The only way their plan works is if the Dems were able to abuse emergency powers to install mail-in voting as a result of of an emergency. So what did they do to ensure they won the election? They created an emergency.

The world’s top virologists, biologists and immunologists concluded that C19 was created in a lab. A lab that was run by the US NIH. And all of this was covered up by left-wing political bureaucrats, Fauci and Collins.

So a leftist run agency in the US Government was circumventing congressional oversight of bio-weapons development by modifying pathogens in foreign countries. One of these pathogens “got out”, which enabled the democrats to abuse emergency powers to implement mass mail-in voting, which allowed for them to subvert elections with the methods outlined in 2000 Mules.

Now does it make sense as to why Biden/Obama/DNC, using Hunter Biden as a proxy, via Rosemont Seneca, funneled US DoD money to Hunter Biden’s bio company Metabiota and other Biolabs in Ukraine? The DNC and globalists are all directly involved in biological gain of function research on pathogens. And the result of one getting out just so happened to benefit the DNC and Globalists on all fronts. And they just so happen to have a nationwide network of ballot harvesting and trafficking mules at the ready in liberal cities and in key swing states, and the plan solely [largely] relies on mass mail-in voting in order to carry out.

Now does it make sense as to why Putin is attacking US biological facilities near his border? And why did China, Russia, India, Brazil, Mexico and Gabon all vote at the UN Security Council to investigate US biolabs in the Ukraine? This is why the media and the Dems are so worried about Ukraine. This is why the fact checkers and the left-wing media machine are still denying the existence of US labs in Ukraine at all. This is why the Dems wanted to send US troops to Ukraine to defend these labs, because their bio capabilities are what allows them to retain power over the People. This pandemic allows them to steal elections, implement police states, force vaccination, and implement censorship of political dissent under the guise of public health. C19 gave them the power to do whatever they wanted.

Did the DNC have another “variant” planned for release before the midterms so they could do it again? Did Putin know about it? Is that one of the reasons Russia targeted and attacked our Biolabs? Is that why Victoria Nuland and the rest of the DNC are terrified of their “research” falling into Russia’s hands?

Soon, they will start pushing for mass mail in voting again for the midterms. Watch. It’s their only way.

The Timeline:
-Hunter Biden funnels US DoD money to foreign biological facilities to modify pathogens
-A modified pathogen “escapes” a lab in a foreign country, which results in a global shutdown
-This “pandemic” results in the emergency implementation of mail-in voting by the DNC
-Mail-in voting opens the door for the DNC to utilize the methods outlined in 2000 Mules to commit mass voter fraud in swing states.
-Joe Biden “wins” election

The DNC created a biological weapon to win an election.




Yuma Election Fraud Prosecuted - Perps Sang


By Jordan Conradson
Published May 21, 2022 at 8:00am


Law enforcement has conducted a raid on Yuma County nonprofit organizations connected to the ballot trafficking scheme discovered by Yuma County citizens and revealed in the “2000 Mules” documentary.

True The Vote and Dinesh D’Souza’s groundbreaking new film 2000 Mules revealed that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen through illegal ballot trafficking and featured the undercover investigative work of David Lara and Arizona State Senate candidate Gary Snyder.

David Lara tells us, “San Luis is Ground Zero for election fraud in Arizona.”

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, The Yuma County Sheriff and Yuma County Recorder opened a new investigation into cases of impersonation fraud, false registrations, duplicate voting, and fraudulent use of absentee ballots.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that David Lara and Gary Snyder busted a local ballot trafficking operation in Yuma County using undercover cameras long before the 2020 Presidential Election. This information was delivered to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, who failed to act before it was too late.

Gary Snyder, a candidate for Arizona State Senate in Yuma County, provided more information on what he saw. Snyder previously worked with David Lara to bust the San Luis ballot trafficking scheme, which led to two indictments and inspired him to fight for election integrity in the Arizona Senate.

Snyder: My campaign started mentally in 2020 when I saw all this fraud and actually I recorded quite a bit, and this is how we are at this juncture right now and then with the steal of the voting for the Presidential Election, for elected officials locally, what do you do?

When me, David, law enforcement, True The Vote, 2000 Mules, and everyone else is willing to stick their back on the line for it, it means nothing if the attorney general or the judges aren’t willing to prosecute to the full extent of the law.

We complain about open borders. We complain about inflation, and we complain about quite a bit of stuff, but at the end of the day, complaining means nothing because the ones that should take care of the problem are the very ones that are suspects in the fraud. And if you want a better elected official, or you vote, well, it’s not fair when you vote and your vote is already stolen, so they already know who the final game piece is going to be there.










Three Reasons Why 2022 Will Not Be Like 2020

Jeffrey O'Donnell - Telegram @ALoneRaccoon




[Jeffrey O'Donnell] is not one to shy away from controversy, as you may know by now. There is a lot of teeth-gnashing going on in the grass roots of our work to save America and fully expose the methods and perpetrators of the stolen election of 2020. 

I am an optimist, and I want to share that optimism. I do not think that it is empty cheerleading, but rather a critical assessment of where we are and where we are going. I am aware that even some of my dearest friends in this endeavor will not agree with all of this, but as someone important to me once said, “If everyone is thinking the same way, somebody is thinking wrong.”

So, here are the three reasons 2022 won’t be like 2020.


1. We Will Not Allow It

Data analysts are discovering new information and evidence every day. Not since the Manhattan Project, which developed the Atom Bomb, have so many smart people worked together to solve such a critical problem. We have hard evidence now of ballot manipulation in the Mesa County database, and this is serving as a “Rosetta Stone” allowing us to find the same “fingerprints” in other counties. Vote records and Voter Rolls have been acquired from dozens of states and counties all over the country, and myriad phantom voters have been identified. The existence of paid “ballot mules” is now a proven fact. Every method of attack we identify and publish can be prevented, mitigated, or at the very least quickly identified in the next election.

Of course, like everyone else my goal is for the entire plot to be exposed before the 2022 November election. However, my crystal ball broke a long time ago, and I cannot predict how quickly that might happen. But we can fix 2020 and safeguard 2022 at the same time, applying what we find in the past to protect the future.

Counties are working on getting rid of machines. Ballot-harvesting and drop-boxes are being curtailed. The importance of making election records public is becoming a national issue. The horrors that exist in voter rolls are being made public nearly everywhere. Strong court cases are finally beginning to be brought in numerous battleground states.

While time is short, I believe we have finally reached a point where there is more pressure on the bad guys than there is on patriots.


 2. The “Uni-party” is unraveling

 The great election theft of 2020 was unprecedented in our history – perhaps world history. It required cooperation from Democrats and anti-Trump Republican “RINOs” to succeed. Had Republican politicians in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin (to name a few) not been willing participants in the coup, it would not have succeeded.

In the upcoming mid-terms, these strange bedfellows are going their separate ways. Even the corrupt Republicans want control back of the House and Senate. They will not cooperate with their Democrat “friends” this time.

 3. Biden has destroyed the Democrat Party and massively engaged Republicans

With Biden’s approval ratings falling under “Strep Throat”, and his (or his handlers’) anti-American policies fully on display, we are set for a historic “red wave”. One thing that research of 2020 has shown is that there is a limit to how much “they” can cheat. Florida and Texas went for Trump because of huge turnout and a tremendous number of minorities (mostly Hispanics) who “defected” from the Democrat side. 

In other words, there is a software algorithm in the machines. We can beat it now that we know how it works. We can break that algorithm by simply putting up more real votes than the number of fake ones they can create. We weren’t closely watching in 2020. That mistake will not be repeated.


There is one, and only one reason that 2022 will go down like 2020 did:

 1. Patriots Are Talked Out Of Voting

If enough Republicans listen to the dour voices of doom and allow themselves to be convinced that they have no chance, then our chances of winning anything in 2022 drop to precisely zero.

Will everyone’s vote count in 2022? Unless we have a complete reveal and retrofit of our elections by then, the answer is, sadly, “no”.

However, your vote just might. And it might be the very vote that breaks the algorithm in your county, leading to a cascade that breaks the algorithm in your state.

Read Dr. Suess’s “Horton Hears a Who”. And think of your vote as the massive “YOP” that breaks through and carries the votes of everyone else with it.

We can do this, friends. We MUST do this, friends. Failure is simply not an option.



Erroneous Software Present on Tennessee Voting Machines During Election

An election report from Tennessee was recently issued by the US Elections Assistance Commission (EAC) that claimed an erroneous code was found on Dominion software that had been certified by the EAC. 

How does system software get certified with erroneous code on it?

There appear to be a few issues with the voting machines used across the US.  We’ve already reported on the fact that voting machines were put in use in Pennsylvania without being properly hardened.

We know these machines are not properly ‘hardened’ because experts discovered software on the machines that would have prevented the machines from being certifiable.  When machines are hardened they are certified with the most up-to-date software needed for use and without any software that should not be there.  In the case of election machines used throughout the US, the machines should not be put in use with any extra software loaded on them.

Recently a report was published on issues identified in an election in Tennessee.  An error was identified on the voting machines and systems related to erroneous code.  The real issue is the systems had been certified by the EAC (US Elections Assistance Commission).  How could the EAC certify these machines?

The voting machine audit firms are paid by Dominion to certify their machines.





Thoughts on President Trump's Executive Order Imposing Sanctions for Election Interference

Don't fret about election nonsense, all that is going to be cleaned up moving forward - of that I am certain.

Keep in mind that we [U.S. Cyber Command/NSA, Gen Nakasone, 2016] unbuggered buggered machines in key districts in swing states (without the cabal knowing) to get Trump lawfully into office in 2016. The Patriots caught them entirely off guard which allowed us to set everything up with executive orders and PEAD's that would set the stage for the sting.

The point is that we now believe that we turned out en masse in 2020 to FORCE them to cheat super hard (intentionally). Trump told us many times it would be the most fraudulent election in history - because he (and Patriots) knew [they] would go over the top to cheat thereby making it easier to get definitive proof.....which the military ran point on, and no one has seen that data.

The means to capture the data was the novel Orion/Solar Winds hack that NO ONE saw coming (I believe Gen Nakasone - since elevated to a 4 star general) ran point on this. We broke in early 2020 behind 'enemy lines' and laid in wait to observe and record it all.

The point being 2020 was a sting...Trump losing is actually part of the plan. And not having him in office actually fits in with the assertion that Devolution is in play and the real (temporary) control over the US is currently in the hands of the military.

Just hold the line and keep your spirits up. All will work out in our favor and in a manner greater than we could have ever hoped for. 👊🏼

General Paul M. Nakasone: Commander, U.S. Cyber Command and Director, National Security Agency/Chief, Central Security Service

This is also why the effort to keep people from voting in upcoming elections until 2020 is fixed is ill advised because of 👆🏼what I'm talking about here.


ABC News (https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/trump-signs-order-impose-sanctions-election-interference/story?id=57770888)
Trump signs order that would impose sanctions for election interference.

Truth Social, Awakened Outlaw


2000 Mules


If you have not seen Dinesh D'Sousa's 2000 Mules documentary regarding vote theft in America, here is a link to watch it ABSOLUTELY FREE, so really no excuse. It was the 4th ranking movie in revenue the weekend it debuted.  Every single human should watch this, not just Americans. If this can happen in America, it's surely possible to happen anywhere! Please take the time to watch this, whether you are Democrat or Republican. Our political parties, really should be put to the side right now. This is scary. This affects every single one of us!



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