Elements of the Election Racketeering Machine In Ohio and Elsewhere

Here are some elements of the election racketeering machine as found in Ohio and elsewhere

We have:
1) Groups that do analytics to determine how the real people will vote and how many phantoms are needed to produce the paid-for outcome.  They are able to generate voting profiles that match demographic expectations, because they have access to the voter rolls and manufacture fake ballots to match required demographics.
2) Elected officials that push laws for mail-in and early voting, early and late counting, extended ballot acceptance
3) NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) with electronic access to state voter rolls to inflate them
4) Ballot printing companies that know who the fake voters are on the voter rolls and can mail them to the required addresses
5) Ballot mills where the blank ballots from the printing companies are filled out
6) Ballot mules that deliver thousands of fraudulent ballots to drop boxes or post offices
7) BallotTrax and electronic PollPads to monitor who is requesting/returning ballots and voting in person8) Counting machines with internal code (code hides behind "proprietary" so it can't be easily audited) that hides ballot dumps and removes excess votes for the popular candidate
8) Post office employees that "lose" or fail to deliver or redirect mail-in ballots

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