For True Election Integrity: Ban Mail-In Voting


You have been told repeatedly that mail-in balloting does not lead to fraud, and in fact may reduce fraud in that it reduces human activity in polling places.  This is a dramatic falsehood.  France banned mail-in voting in 1975 after massive fraud was discovered in Corsica, including votes cast by the dead, and living people voting multiple times.

I, of course, hold an opinion that people should get off their rear ends once every two or four years and go vote in person.  I am not heartless.  You may notice the asterisk after the title, “Ban Mail-In Voting*.”  That asterisk denotes waivers for some voter groups that come to mind, such as overseas military or those too disabled to vote at a polling station.  Ballots cast by anyone in the waivered category will be subject to extra scrutiny and validation because, well, voting is one of the most sacred rights of man and even a little fraud can impact elections in a big way.  Remember that President Trump was elected by a total of 78,000 votes between Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin in 2016.

Folks get their hair done, go to the gym, attend movies and ballgames, commute to work, cash checks at the bank, and take kids to practice, but for some reason, the media attempts to persuade voters to opt for convenience to manipulate elections.  Yes, systematic mail-in voting is a real pandemic, unlike the “pandemic” that was drummed up as fear porn to force people to accept legislatures violating law to go around voter integrity rules, and stipulating mass mail-in voting in 2020 to oust the incumbent president.

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