Harris County, Texas (Houston) "Finds" 10,000 Uncounted Ballots From May 1 Primary

Officials in Harris County, Texas said they found about 10,000 ballots that were not counted in the May 1st, 2022 primary election, leading to a delay in some results.

The Associated Press reported that officials in the county, which is home to Houston, said late Saturday that these ballots had not been counted toward the unofficial election results.

The Texas primary on March 1 was the first statewide election in the nation in this midterm election year. It came amid the state's new, more restrictive voting laws.

Officials said about 6,000 Democratic votes and 4,000 Republicans votes were not counted and will be added to final tallies.

“While the votes were scanned into our tabulation computer, they were not transferred and counted as a part of the unofficial final results as they should have been,” the Harris County Elections Office said in a statement, according to the AP.


JRJ Comment:  This kind of thing happens frequently and it is just shrugged off as if it didn't matter, but without honest elections, we don't have a country any more.  Right now, most politicians are installed via election corruption, and they are not really elected. There are many avenues of corruption in the elections including rigged voting machines, voting machines attached to the internet at state level, drop box ballot stuffing, voter registration fraud, mail in ballot fraud, outright vote changing via the voting machines, mail in ballot fraud, dead people voting, people voting multiple times, minors voting, ballot harvesting in nursing homes and other places, bought ballots, and many others.  The main sources of voter fraud appear to be the rigged voting machines of which Ohio has many and mail in ballots, which Ohio uses.  If a state exclusively uses mail-in ballots only like Washington State and Oregon, free elections have been lost and the machines install whoever they have chosen.  Ohio appears to have significant voting fraud, particularly in Columbus.  

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