HB 62 - Action Item URGENT

2A Bill In Ohio House

In light of President Biden's act of tyranny yesterday on vaccine mandates with his very condescending and totalitarian tone, it is imperative that we are able to maintain our rights to keep and bear arms.  HB 62  provides us with protection from federal law and will designate Ohio as a Second Amendment Sanctuary State.  The bill is sponsored by Reps Diane Grendell and Mike Loychik.  It is co-sponsored by John Cross, Jay Edwards, Sarah Fowler- Arthur, Brett Hudson Hillyer, Don Jones, Brian Lampton, Derek Merrin, Jena Powell, Craig Riedel, Nino Vitale, Scott Wiggam, and Tom Young.  This bill has been in House State and Local Government Committee since 2/4/2021, and had 3 hearings.  We should demand this bill come out of committee and to the floor for vote.  Committee members include: Scott Wiggam-R; Marylin John - R; Brigid Kelly - D: Jamie Callender - R;  Rodney Creech-R; Bill Dean -R; Sarah Fowler Arthur -R; Tavia Golonsk - D; Timothy Ginther - R; Diane Grendell - R; Allison Russo -D; Michael Skindell - D; Lisa Sobecki - D; Brian Stewart - R; and Shane Wilken - R.

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Warmest Regards,

Melissa Wilson, GCRP

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