It's A Felony


Exhibit HH - Felony

FELONY!!! IT’S a FELONY. Words used by the GOVERNMENT!!

Delaware County, PA CV-2022-000032 Moton, Hoopes, Stenstrom vs Boockvar, Kathy et al

247. Specifically, Defendant Allen conspired with Savage to “get rid” of the “pads and second scanners” from the November 3, 2020, election. [Attached hereto as Exhibit HH]. 248. Savage encouraged a private conversation to continue the conversation concerning the removal of the pads and scanners due to other Delaware County employees and Regina Miller who were present and witnessed Savage state that he was aware that plan of destruction of November 3, 2020, election information, data, and equipment “was a felony.” [Attached hereto as Exhibit HH]



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