Kari Lake's Lawsuit Against Arizona Election Fraud

Captain Seth Keshel

13 Dec 2022


Lake v. Hobbs, et. al, is a 70-page legal masterpiece outlining brazen criminality that altered the outcomes of the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and U.S. Senate races in the state, and weakened the Republican majorities of both chambers.  Her case begins, on page 2, by highlighting Rasmussen’s polling that shows 72% of Americans agreeing with Lake’s statement that the election was botched, and voters were disenfranchised.

Above, on page 2, Lake indicates the quantity of illegal votes far surpasses the margin between she and Hobbs.  Not only that, but my analysis suggests roughly 246,628 too many votes were cast in 2022 based on historical turnout, suggesting a comparable amount of corruption as seen in the 2018 midterms.  That means Mark Finchem, Abe Hamadeh, and Blake Masters should have all been winners and begun the process of restoring Arizona to greatness.

Page 2 concludes with what I consider to be the most lethal legal bullet, the disenfranchisement of obvious Republican voters on election day, citing 59% of vote centers experiencing failures in electronic equipment.  Imagine a scenario in which a Republican in Pennsylvania tried to declare victory when 20% of core Philadelphia was not able to vote due to issues at the vote centers.  It would never fly, and everyone knows it.  At the beginning of Page 3, Lake cites Findley v. Sorenson, in that errors in the canvass of an election may void the election entirely.

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Above, on page 3, Lake’s case correctly declares the American election crisis is a crisis of transparency, which counts the judiciary as its only hope for remediation.  Hobbs is properly described as a corrupt bureaucrat guilty of colluding with Maricopa County’s own corrupt bureaucrats to destroy the vote in Arizona.




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