On the Forgotten Electoral Vote of NE-2, and its Prevention of a Trump 2020 Victory

Topic: Elections

The national popular vote, although diluted and warped by the lax election procedures deployed by many states, is useless under the current electoral system.  I often remind people that our elections are made up of 54 separate elections – 48 states with an at-large election, Washington, D.C., with its own election, and then the split electors of Maine and Nebraska splitting up four and five electors, respectively.

Maine’s electors had been all Democrat since 1992, until Trump flipped the second congressional district (ME-2) in 2016, and held onto it in 2020, despite serious attempts to deprive him of that single electoral vote.  Nebraska’s electors are usually all Republican, though its second congressional district (NE-2), made up of Sarpy County and most of Douglas County (metro Omaha), did give its lone elector to Barack Obama in 2008 in an upset.


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Trump blew out Nebraska twice, though the state had a serious Biden trend in 2020, manipulated strongly by three counties – Douglas, Sarpy, and Lancaster (metro Lincoln).  Few even bother to discuss Trump’s loss of NE-2, which he won in 2016.  If you were to see the graphic below showing Trump’s winning margin in 2016, then only his vote surge in 2020, you would bet the barn on him holding onto that single electoral vote.

What wound up occurring was, despite the enormous Trump vote gain in an already-won district, is a Biden gain surpassing Obama’s, which came with a strong GOP loss suffered by John McCain.  Joe Biden was certified as the winner of NE-2 and received its lone elector, aided by mail-in ballots, harvesting, disgusting voter rolls, and the use of electronic voting equipment.

You may be saying as you read, “Well, that does look suspicious, but Trump only has 232 electoral votes. Why does one more matter?”  Here is why the single electoral vote of NE-2 matters.

Trump 232 electoral votes

+ Georgia - 16 electoral votes

+ Arizona - 11 electoral votes

+ Wisconsin - 10 electoral votes

= Trump 269, Biden 269 tie

NE-2 properly awarded to Donald Trump would give a result of 270-268 in favor of Trump, giving him an outright electoral college victory if he had the electors from the three obvious Trump states listed above, which are the three closest in final margin.  The fraud present in ME-2 was another stopgap attempt to grab narrow electoral advantages, like the massive effort in Alaska,  aided by a feckless Republican Party, to hold onto three little electors if needed in a pinch (break glass in case of emergency).  Once Alaska was no longer needed, when larger prizes were secured, it was cut loose to the “red” column.

Every single electoral vote matters, and the conspirators know that.  That is why NE-2 was targeted and taken, and has been taken with very little resistance from the Nebraska GOP.  A 269-269 tie would have gone to Congress, where a corrupt Republican coalition, combined with their Democrat fellow travelers, would have ensured a Biden win there.

Urban Omaha is awash in billionaire influence, led by none other than Warren Buffett.  Once an entire region falls to this sort of control and influence, it rarely comes back.  Indeed, it is time to pay attention to what is going on in the very heartland of America.