Fall Freedom Fest With Matthew Lohmeier

Republican Candidates for November 2021 Greene County General Election



Bath Township Trustees

Michelle Clements

     Elect 2

Rob Hoffman 


Tom Pitstick


Steve Ross 


Beaverceek City Council

Glen Duerr

   Elect 3-all incumbents

Joanna L. Garcia


Beaverceek City School Disrict

Krista Hunt

     elect 3

Allison Lindsay 


JoAnn Rigano 

Beavercreek Township Trustees Joseph Jenkins


Tom Kretz


Debborah L. Wallace


Bellbrook City Council

Katherine R. Cyphers

     elect 3

Michael Schweller


Bellbrook-Sugarcreek School District

Heidi Anderson

     elect 4

Audra Dorn  


Mike Kinsey 


Kevin Price


Caesarscreek Township Trustees

Tim Kerns

     elect 2


Cedar Cliff School District

Philip Chance Baldwin

     elect 3

Christopher Cross


Cedarville Township Trustees

Timothy R. Boeck 

     elect 2

Debbie Krajicek 


Cedarville Village Council

John Cody Jr. 

     elect 4

Harold L. Stancliff 


Fairborn City Council

Jerry Guess

     elect 3

Rodney McCubbins


Mary Reaster


Daniel Palmer


Fairborn City School District

Tim Steininger 

    elect 3


Greeneview School District

Rita Canty

    elect 3

Brandon Maxie 


Scott Powers 


Angela Reagan 


Robert L. Wright


Jamestown Village Council

Joel Armlovich

     elect 4

Lefonda Sue McDaniel 


Jefferson Township Trustees

Richard Zehring 

     elect 2


Miami Township Trustees

Dino Pallotta

     elect 2


New Jasper Township Trustees

Mike Horsley 

     elect 2

Lisa Townsend 


Ross Township Trustees

David Boeck

     elect 2

Mark Campbell


Silvercreek Township Trustees


     elect 2


Spring Valley Township Trustees

John DeWine 

     elect 2 - incumbents

Paul J. Martin


Spring Valley Village Council

Ashley Crawford 

    elect 4


Sugarcreek Township Trustees

Bob Baird 

    elect 2

Fred Cramer 


Marvin Moeller 


Xenia Communty City School District

Joshua Day

     elect 3

Mary M. Grech


George W. Leightenheimer


Michael Leipold


Mary Adeline R. Lewis 


Xenia City Council

Jeremy Cox

    Elect 2   ???

Levi P. Dean 


Ethan Reynolds 


Wesley Smith  


William Urschel 


Xenia Mayor

Dale Louderback

    elect 1

 Sarah J. Mays


Xenia Township Trustees

L. Stephen Combs  

     elect 3

Scott W. Miller


Jeremy VanDyne


Yellow Springs Exempted Village School District

     elect 3


Yellow Springs Village Council


Three of the five members are elected every two years, in the November general election in odd-numbered years. The two candidates receiving the most votes are elected to four-year terms, and the candidate with the third highest total receives a two-year term.



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