Questions On the 2020 Election

The Lone Raccoon

26 Jun 2022

Here are some interesting questions pertaining to, but not only to, the states of Alabama, Utah, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, and Texas regarding the 2020 election.

Why would the State-level politicians of these Red states work - seemingly in concert - to prevent any of the state's counties from releasing valuable election data, data which poses a harm to no citizen of that state?

Why would the leaders of this state not want to help restore the public confidence of their elections?

Why would the counties, normally very protective of their individual election right, follow this mandate from their state without a hint of protest?

How much money have the states (and counties) spent on lawyers to justify the blocking of the election records?

How do any of these actions serve to protect their citizens (which is their primary function)?

The ties that bind.

Here also, one unconnected question:

Why is Bernie Sanders not at our side fighting this battle? His campaigns were the testing ground for the 2020 fraud techniques.

Might not be as unconnected as I thought.

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