Report Confirms Election Files Were Deleted from Mesa County, Colorado Voting Systems

At the August Cyber Symposium, Mesa County, Colorado Recorder Tina Peters reported that critical 2020 election files had been deleted ( from the county’s Dominion voting systems during a software “update” by Dominion at the request of the Colorado Secretary of State. Before the update by Dominion, Recorder Tina Peters created a backup image of the hard drive. A forensic analysis by cybersecurity experts taken after the Dominion update confirms her allegations that many files and critical election data were deleted.

The report ( found that “elections records… mandated by Colorado law as certification requirements for Colorado voting systems have been destroyed on Mesa County’s voting system by the system vendor and the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.”

The deleted files included the election server databases, adjudication files, log files that track events on the election database management system, log files required to determine whether the system was accessed by an external unauthorized device, and much more.

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