Rise of the America First Republicans

America First candidate Harriet Hageman defeated incumbent Deep State candidate, Liz Cheney, in Wyoming At-Large Primary. By a whopping 37 points.

The left-wing MSM are in full cope mode, mourning the loss, fawning over Cheney as if she were some legendary war hero. Joe Scarborough compared her to Ulysses Grant in the Civil War. They are even suggesting that this loss will lead to her 2024 Presidential Campaign to unseat Trump… when she just lost her own State primary by 37 points to a Trump-endorsed candidate. Cheney compared her loss to President Lincoln's loss in his Senate and House races.

Now, much like the AZ Gubernatorial Primary, the Wyoming At-Large Primary was much more than an individual win. These successive wins in convincing fashion are a representation of the political climate heading into November. The establishment GOP are being cleansed, and the Wyoming GOP has now become the America First Party. As Trump put it, “The People have spoken!”.

Not only are these massive wins for MAGA and Trump, the manner in which they have unfolded confirms the America First agenda. Which is primarily that 2020 was stolen, Biden is illegitimate, and the Deep State are engaged in mass coordinated voter fraud.

These primary elections MATHEMATICALLY CONFIRM mail-in voting is being manipulated, and the manipulation only goes one way. How do we know? The trend of mathematically inexplicable variance between mail-in and in-person voters. Kari Lake was down 10+ points from the early vote, and ended up winning by 2.8 points. Harriet Hageman was up 10 points early, and the margin widened to nearly 40 points. These trends show the early vote is leaning in favor of the establishment candidates, but the in-person voters are HEAVILY in favor of America First candidates.

What scientific explanation can there be for there being such a wide variance between the mail-in and in-person vote? In a General Election, DNC voters are more likely to be afraid to vote in-person, so the variance could plausibly be much higher between DNC and GOP, due to the political ideology between the two bases. But in Primary Elections, the absolute highest variance between mail-in and in-person should be around 3%.

The fact that the discrepancies are so significantly outside the expected mathematical norms and repeatedly skewed to the detriment of Trump-backed candidates, it CONFIRMS the mail-in vote is being manipulated, specifically by enemies of Trump, i.e. the Deep State.

Despite the mathematical certainty of voter fraud in favor of the Deep State, America First are STILL dominating, and GOP total turnout has dwarfed the DNC, indicating that the General Elections will see a massive Red Wave. This has the Left terrified, as the American People have sided with Trump, once again.


17 Aug 2022









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