Republican Candidates 2020

Donald Trump/Mike Pence

President/Vice President

Mike Turner

Rep. to Congress (10th District)

Judith French

Justice of Supreme Court (1/02/21)

Sharon Kennedy

Justice of Supreme Court (1/01/21)

Robert Hackett

Senator (10th District)

Chris Epley

Judge, 2nd. District Court of Appeals

Brian Lampton

State Representative (73rd. District)

Bill Dean

State Representative (74th. District)

Rick Perales

County Commissioner

Tom Koogler

County Commissioner

Gene Fischer

County Sheriff

Kevin Sharrett

County Coroner

David Hayes

County Prosecutor

Cynthia Martin

Judge, County Common Pleas

Michael Buckwalter

 Judge, County Common Pleas

Thomas O'Diam

Judge County Probate

A J Williams

 Clerk of Courts

Stephanie Goff

County Engineer

Eric Sears

County Recorder

Kraig Hagler

County Treasurer

Brendan Shea

State School Board (10th District)

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