Sunbelt Steal Strategy

The way the election was presented to the people on 11/3 is critical to understanding the entire sequence of events.

For those still watching FOX - turn it off. They were the key player in initiating the steal. See the top of this graphic - Trump enters election with 204 EVs in bag (yes, GA was 300,000+ at end of election night and even the local paper didn’t have it competitive, or Richard Baris)... NC takes him to 219 (won over fraud), FL takes him to 248 (won), and then, if he gets AZ, he only needs PA or MI to win or WI/MN to go to 269 tie.

In steps FOX - call AZ. Why did it have to be them? Because with NC/FL won and GA won, hitting the breaker on AZ puts the 70% of Trump voters watching FOX to bed without expecting victory that evening.

In the dead of night the operation began, as we all know.

The five red states targeted for steal are below. Why steal them? To distract from PA WI MI surgical operations. Example: “why would you expect Trump to win PA when he can’t win GA, which is always red?”

Seth Keshel

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