Ten Bold Predictions for 2023

Capt. Seth Keshel,

1 Jan 2023

Election fraud, at least until now, has masked the truth of how society feels about the tinpot bureaucrats who are wrecking one county or state at a time.  Since Elon Musk began the radical transformation of how Twitter conducts its operations, dissident comments on pages belonging to political criminals like Katie Hobbs are no longer scrubbed and censored and paint a much different reactionary picture than we are led to believe by fake polling and “news” coverage. 

The success of states like Florida, which has long disregarded the virtue signaling ways of other states along the eastern seaboard, has become obvious and undeniable, and appeals to far more than the standard suburban Republican voter base of the past four decades.  As the U.S. government continues to tighten the screws on everyday Americans, with enough cash to send by the tens of billions to Ukraine, and its officials live a life of largesse, resentment with the “ruling class” will grow, and every form of virtue signaling will be soundly mocked and rejected, and rightfully so. [more...]



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