The DNC Has Controlled ALL Poll-Watching for Nearly Half a Century

Rigged: The DNC Has Controlled ALL Poll-Watching for Nearly Half a Century | Federalist (Rigged: The DNC has Controlled All Poll Watching for 40 Years)

In her new book, “Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections (,” Mollie Hemingway revealed that the DNC has had an exclusive monopoly on poll watching operations for the last four decades:

“For nearly 40 years, the Democratic National Committee had a massive systemic advantage over its Republican counterpart: the Republican National Committee had been prohibited by law from helping out with poll watcher efforts or nearly any litigation related to how voting is being conducted.”

How did this happen? A judge banned the RNC from poll-watching and voting litigation everywhere in the country after Democrats accused Republicans of cheating in a New Jersey race in 1981. The judge then continuously extended the order until 2018, when it finally expired three years after he died.

The Federalist ( explains, “This handicapped Republicans for almost 40 years while Democrats were free to do things Republicans couldn’t, like give boosts to their voters all along the voting process and track them extensively, challenge ballots, document irregularities, and sue over election disputes.” By 2020, Mollie writes:

“Democrats had spent the last forty years perfecting their Election Day operations while everyone at the Republican National Committee walked on eggshells, knowing that if they so much as looked in the direction of a polling site, there could be another crackdown. As a result, there was no muscle memory about how to watch polls or communicate with a presidential campaign.”

The 2020 contest was the first presidential election since Reagan’s successful run in 1980 in which the Republican National Committee could play any role whatsoever in Election Day operations — yet only 38% of poll watching positions were filled. That’s changing in the upcoming Virginia election, where John Fredericks ( says that 90% of GOP poll watching shifts are filled.

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