Three Reasons Why 2022 Will Not Be Like 2020

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[Jeffrey O'Donnell] is not one to shy away from controversy, as you may know by now. There is a lot of teeth-gnashing going on in the grass roots of our work to save America and fully expose the methods and perpetrators of the stolen election of 2020. 

I am an optimist, and I want to share that optimism. I do not think that it is empty cheerleading, but rather a critical assessment of where we are and where we are going. I am aware that even some of my dearest friends in this endeavor will not agree with all of this, but as someone important to me once said, “If everyone is thinking the same way, somebody is thinking wrong.”

So, here are the three reasons 2022 won’t be like 2020.


1. We Will Not Allow It

Data analysts are discovering new information and evidence every day. Not since the Manhattan Project, which developed the Atom Bomb, have so many smart people worked together to solve such a critical problem. We have hard evidence now of ballot manipulation in the Mesa County database, and this is serving as a “Rosetta Stone” allowing us to find the same “fingerprints” in other counties. Vote records and Voter Rolls have been acquired from dozens of states and counties all over the country, and myriad phantom voters have been identified. The existence of paid “ballot mules” is now a proven fact. Every method of attack we identify and publish can be prevented, mitigated, or at the very least quickly identified in the next election.

Of course, like everyone else my goal is for the entire plot to be exposed before the 2022 November election. However, my crystal ball broke a long time ago, and I cannot predict how quickly that might happen. But we can fix 2020 and safeguard 2022 at the same time, applying what we find in the past to protect the future.

Counties are working on getting rid of machines. Ballot-harvesting and drop-boxes are being curtailed. The importance of making election records public is becoming a national issue. The horrors that exist in voter rolls are being made public nearly everywhere. Strong court cases are finally beginning to be brought in numerous battleground states.

While time is short, I believe we have finally reached a point where there is more pressure on the bad guys than there is on patriots.


 2. The “Uni-party” is unraveling

 The great election theft of 2020 was unprecedented in our history – perhaps world history. It required cooperation from Democrats and anti-Trump Republican “RINOs” to succeed. Had Republican politicians in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin (to name a few) not been willing participants in the coup, it would not have succeeded.

In the upcoming mid-terms, these strange bedfellows are going their separate ways. Even the corrupt Republicans want control back of the House and Senate. They will not cooperate with their Democrat “friends” this time.

 3. Biden has destroyed the Democrat Party and massively engaged Republicans

With Biden’s approval ratings falling under “Strep Throat”, and his (or his handlers’) anti-American policies fully on display, we are set for a historic “red wave”. One thing that research of 2020 has shown is that there is a limit to how much “they” can cheat. Florida and Texas went for Trump because of huge turnout and a tremendous number of minorities (mostly Hispanics) who “defected” from the Democrat side. 

In other words, there is a software algorithm in the machines. We can beat it now that we know how it works. We can break that algorithm by simply putting up more real votes than the number of fake ones they can create. We weren’t closely watching in 2020. That mistake will not be repeated.


There is one, and only one reason that 2022 will go down like 2020 did:

 1. Patriots Are Talked Out Of Voting

If enough Republicans listen to the dour voices of doom and allow themselves to be convinced that they have no chance, then our chances of winning anything in 2022 drop to precisely zero.

Will everyone’s vote count in 2022? Unless we have a complete reveal and retrofit of our elections by then, the answer is, sadly, “no”.

However, your vote just might. And it might be the very vote that breaks the algorithm in your county, leading to a cascade that breaks the algorithm in your state.

Read Dr. Suess’s “Horton Hears a Who”. And think of your vote as the massive “YOP” that breaks through and carries the votes of everyone else with it.

We can do this, friends. We MUST do this, friends. Failure is simply not an option.



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