The Ten Points to True Election Integrity

Complaints are only useful if they are paired with solutions.  We already know enough about 2020 to make a national case for decertification.  In all truthfulness, we are only able to “stay in our lanes”.  Staying in our lanes means to not get distracted with the final outcomes when there is still plenty of work to be done by teams, whether they are exposing fraud through analysis or canvassing, arguing in court, or contributing content through the new media.  Keep on the pathway to fixing every problem you encounter.  

Here are Capt. Seth Keshel's Ten Points to True Election Integrity:

I.      Clean Out the Voter Rolls 

II.    Ban All Electronic Elections Equipment

III.   Voter ID with Paper Ballots Only

IV.    Ban Mail-In Voting*

V.     Ban Early Voting*

VI.   Drastically Smaller Precincts*

VII.  Ban Ballot Harvesting

VIII. Election Day is a Holiday

IX.   New Reporting Requirements for Transparency

X.    Heavy Prison Sentences for All Who Commit Fraud


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