Thoughts on President Trump's Executive Order Imposing Sanctions for Election Interference

Don't fret about election nonsense, all that is going to be cleaned up moving forward - of that I am certain.

Keep in mind that we [U.S. Cyber Command/NSA, Gen Nakasone, 2016] unbuggered buggered machines in key districts in swing states (without the cabal knowing) to get Trump lawfully into office in 2016. The Patriots caught them entirely off guard which allowed us to set everything up with executive orders and PEAD's that would set the stage for the sting.

The point is that we now believe that we turned out en masse in 2020 to FORCE them to cheat super hard (intentionally). Trump told us many times it would be the most fraudulent election in history - because he (and Patriots) knew [they] would go over the top to cheat thereby making it easier to get definitive proof.....which the military ran point on, and no one has seen that data.

The means to capture the data was the novel Orion/Solar Winds hack that NO ONE saw coming (I believe Gen Nakasone - since elevated to a 4 star general) ran point on this. We broke in early 2020 behind 'enemy lines' and laid in wait to observe and record it all.

The point being 2020 was a sting...Trump losing is actually part of the plan. And not having him in office actually fits in with the assertion that Devolution is in play and the real (temporary) control over the US is currently in the hands of the military.

Just hold the line and keep your spirits up. All will work out in our favor and in a manner greater than we could have ever hoped for. 👊🏼

General Paul M. Nakasone: Commander, U.S. Cyber Command and Director, National Security Agency/Chief, Central Security Service

This is also why the effort to keep people from voting in upcoming elections until 2020 is fixed is ill advised because of 👆🏼what I'm talking about here.

ABC News (
Trump signs order that would impose sanctions for election interference.

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