True The Vote Finds Mules Involved in Ballot Box Stuffing In Georgia

True The Vote says the cell phone GPS tracking data they used to find and trace the movements of the mules being paid to stuff ballot boxes in Georgia proves the mules were working out of TWO Democrat officials' offices - and one of these offices being used for these ballot box stuffing runs was that of STACY ABRAMS.  Stacy Abrams bio says, "Her efforts have been widely credited with boosting voter turnout in Georgia, including in the 2020 presidential election, when Joe Biden narrowly won the state, and in Georgia's 2020–2021 regularly scheduled and special U.S. Senate elections, which gave Democrats control of the Senate."   

True the Vote found 4.8 MILLION ballots trafficked in the 2020 Election and found 7% of mail-in ballots were trafficked in every Swing State True the Vote has looked in.  True the Vote says, "It’s an organized crime that was perpetrated on Americans”.


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