Update On Michigan Election Fraud

Michigan patriots with attorney Dan Hartman, engineer Draza Smith, and the Professor David Clements got together o/a 7 Apr 22 for an impromptu update on how the election steal was deployed in Michigan, and what patriots are going to do to stop it.

Michigan has excess ballots of at least 640,000.  Excess ballots are calculated by first calculating estimated turnout for the 2020 election.  Estimated turnout is calculated by taking the record turnout of the 2012 and 2016 elections which was 63% of the voting age population and then multiplying .63 times the 2020 voting age population (VAP) as derived from the county tax records.  This estimated 2020 voter turnout is compared to the number of 2020 ballots reported.  There was an excess of 640,000 ballots over the best turnout that was ever reported in previous elections.



2. The Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) created 700,000 registrations within 90 days of the election from voters “found” in state driving records.

3. The SOS had 500,000 bad addresses in the voter rolls of returned mail.


4. There was a lawsuit in which press coverage reported that SOS Jocelyn Benson claimed voting maintenance rules would not be enforced as it would be possible disenfranchise a voter;

5. Canvass teams (many led by Election Integrity Force) have found evidence of removed votes from QVF or have found the voters recorded method of voting changed from what the voter reported.  Many voters interviewed in election canvasses stated they voted in person while the voting system recorded them as absentee;

Every time the person whose vote was changed volunteered who they voted for, the voter said they voted for a Republican.

Michiganders can learn how to storm their county conventions at www.freedomfightersproject.com/stormtheconvention


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