Wisconsin Legislature Finds Widespread Fraud In Wisconsin

Wisconsin House Speaker Vos Says Despite ‘Widespread Fraud,’ the Only Remedy Is a New Governor and New Attorney General.

In a brief statement to reporters after his decertification meeting, Speaker Robin Vos said he believes there was “widespread fraud” in the Wisconsin 2020 election but there is no retroactive remedy:

“The problem gets down to what’s the remedy? There are some people who think the legislature has the unilateral ability to overturn the election. We do not… They are trying to convince us of the fraud that occurred. I already believe there was fraud that occurred... I think there was widespread fraud. And I think we are going to see more and more data that comes out as Justice Gableman continues his investigation.”

Vos concluded by saying he believes the only “solution” to the fraudulent 2020 election is to elect “a new governor and a new AG” to ensure well-run elections going forward.

Source: Will Kenneally (https://twitter.com/willkenneally/status/1504145277824950278?s=12)

JRJ:  There was no legislative precedent or solution to King George III's tyranny either, except the people said, "When in the Course of human events..." it became necessary to "dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another".  Where there was no way, they made a way.  There was no precedent for that either. 

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