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In a democratic republic form of government such as ours, it is the citizens' civic responsibility to participate in government.  There are numerous opportunities at both state and local levels (city councils, township councils, county councils, and county committees) and wit the GCRP.  Here are a few opportunities to help our party:

Introducing an Idea

Precinct Captains

Elections for Precinct Captain occur in the Primary every four years (next one is March 2024).  The Central Committee fills vacancies by appointment.  Precinct Captains and their contact information are listed in the Greene County Board of Elections website.

Image by Arnaud Jaegers

Poll Watchers

During elections, poll watchers keep an eye on the voting process to ensure election integrity.

Image by Erika Giraud

Headquarters Volunteers

We staff the headquarters with volunteers, usually regular three-hours shifts a couple of times a month, providing guests with campaign literature and handling merchandise sales and donations.

Image by Michael Bowman

Affiliated Greene County Republican Clubs

 To see the clubs and contact information of these organizations, click here.

Ferris Wheel at Dawn

Voter Outreach Volunteers

 The GCRP needs an army of volunteers to staff the tents at the Greene County Fair and local festivals, participate in parades, and set up "pop-up tents" around the county to share our Republican story with voters

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